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The Lycée Français du Caire

A school of excellence
part of the AEFE network




The Lycée Français du Caire is an establishment belonging to the network of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). It educates from kindergarten to terminal, but only includes a general bac (second general, first and terminal S, ES or L).


The Lycée Français du Caire is made up of 3 Primary sites (Maadi, Zamalek, New Cairo) which ensure a distribution of the Primary education and a Secondary site (Mearag), located in the districts of Eastern Cairo.


Since the signing of partnership agreements with 10 other schools with the French program in 2011, the LFC has been coordinating with the French Institute in Egypt. With average growth in the number of students for several years in these establishments with French program, the essential challenges are : controlling the quality of teaching and the ability to respond to demand.


The recruitment of teachers and their professional support, through in-service training in particular, are at the heart of the development strategy of the Lycée Français du Caire.


In a difficult political and social context, the attractiveness of French schools in Egypt has increased. In a few years, the Egyptian network of French program establishments has become an important regional network of the Agency AEFE. This network is so varied, as it includes establishments of the French Laïque mission, confessional establishments and schools founded by private investors. Today, many projects (construction, rehabilitation) have made it possible to establish structured and constructive relations with the Egyptian authorities.


Those projects are supported and accompanied by the cooperation and cultural action department of the French Embassy, which acts in particular to ensure consistency of the local network and the implementation of the educational axes of the Middle East area.


In just a few years, the Lycée Français du Caire has moved to a true multi-site structure. The operating logic is simple: the central services are based on the Secondary school site and each primary school is managed by a director and an assistant. The technical services are positioned at Mearag and other staff are in charge of maintenance and activities.


Safety also remains an important topic. New modalities have been set up at the four sites, with specific reinforcements. Some adjustments have been made, both in terms of equipment reliability and vigilance over access and use of the premises.


LFC teacher's training offer is rich and diversified: language policy, personalized assistance, project dynamics, implementation of reforms of the French system. The increase in school enrollment is mainly provided by Egyptian families. But the return of French companies leads to an increase in the proportion of French students in the school, with a certain heterogeneity (children of expatriates, scholarship holders). Families of Egyptians or third parties are generally French-speaking and seek to join the French system, for its qualities of support and supervision of education.


Relations between AFPEC and the administration are more and more constructive. After having focused a lot on safety, the subjects dealt with are more of an educational, organizational or health nature. The policy of permanent contacts and exchanges has made it possible to build fruitful, more serene and trusting relations, for the greatest benefit of the school, the students and their families.

The Headmaster of LFC



Our principal is Mr. Frédéric Bromont. Former headmaster of Lycée Jean-Monnet in Yzeure, he now heads the Lycée Français du Caire.

After touring the Académie de Clermont-Ferrand and spending six years at the head of the Lycée Jean-Monnet in Yzeure, he set sail for other horizons, with the Middle East as his priority.

In September 2019, he applied for the AEFE vacancies and agreed to come to Egypt.

We are happy to have established an important work of communication with the principal and all his administrative and educational teams during this complicated and unprecedented period.

Several months have passed since the start of this school year, and we have always appreciated the quality of the exchanges we've had, and we also want to stress that our duty as a parent association obliges us to both stay listening to families and responding to their requests, while recognizing the work accomplished by the school.

For more information, see Bio express.


Bio express:

June 17, 1969, birth.

1995 - 2004, teacher at colleges in Clermont-Ferrand, Maringues and Cournon d'Auvergne.

September 2004, deputy head of the Lycée Henri St. Claire in Issoire.


September 2010, headmaster of the Lycée Raymond Cortat in Aurillac.


September 2013, headmaster of the Lycée Jean-Monnet in Yzeure.


September 1, 2020, headmaster of LFC for three years (renewable twice one year each).


 Terrain n°5
Division Cité El Meerag
2ème Megawara


(+202) 27 26 0900


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