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Covid - 19 : Together against the virus

The LFC health service is made up of 2 nurses (one for the secondary, and another on the 3 primary sites) and a school doctor (on all sites).


During these difficult times, we must stand together against the virus.


The most common signs are cough and fever, but other signs may also be present: sudden loss of taste or smell, headache, severe fatigue, body aches, chest pain, shortness of breath, diarrhea... or other signs noticed by people around you.


If one or more of these symptoms appear, you should call your doctor immediately.


On a daily basis, there are simple barrier gestures to adopt to protect yourself and others:

  • wash your hands regularly or use a hydro-alcoholic solution;

  • cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a single-use tissue;

  • blow your nose in a handkerchief then throw it away;

  • avoid touching your face;

  • respect a distance of 1 to 2 meters with others;

  • greet without shaking hands and stop kissing;

  • wear a mask;

  • limit contact with others as much as possible (6 people maximum);

  • aerate each room as often as possible, at least a few minutes every hour.

We invite families to be very vigilant about the festive gatherings of students during this year, which can be organized in a private setting.


If these convivial moments, usually organized at the beginning or during the school year, contribute to the consolidation of social ties between students, it has also been proven that they are important vectors for the spread of Covid - 19.


We are counting on the help of all the parents, in order to be vigilant and to avoid the appearance of sources of contamination which would have immediate consequences on the functioning of the school. The health situation is under control thanks to the identification and traceability protocols implemented in the establishment.

In terms of health, the LFC follows the French protocol, but also always having a look at the local context in Egypt.

Regarding the management of contaminated cases, according to the administration, the first source of alert remains the information which is directly given by the families on the health situations.


As soon as the school has the information, it begins to identify " the health window "; which means the period of presence of an infected pupil inside the establishment (the perimeter of investigation), then the school proceeds to an investigation to assess the risks and identify contact cases. Finally, the administration informs teachers to enable them to monitor students placed in isolation.


When there is a case of contamination in a class (or the same group), parents should know that the LFC must verify and analyze the information received by studying the documents provided.


Closing of classes

- From MS to 6ème:

The closure of the class for a period of 7 days will be systematic from the third positive case identified and present in the establishment during the health period when contamination was possible. 

Students will then be placed in distance learning during this period.


- From 5ème to Terminale:  

From the third positive case identified and present in the establishment during the sanitary period when contamination was possible, two scenarios arise:

* students with full vaccination or having contracted Covid-19 in the last 2 months continue face-to-face lessons.

* students without full vaccination continue distance learning for 7 days.


The decision to close is taken when the administration, the school doctor and the embassy can analyze all this information. This can take time, and we are counting on the parents' understanding to provide the information and documents requested as soon as possible.

Regarding the current health situation, the LFC strives to favor 100% face-to-face teaching. He applies the health levels according to the development of the situation.

Let's all be careful, and let's stop the spread of the virus together!

What is the impact of Covid - 19 on the AEFE? 

In April 2021, Olivier Brochet, director of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) highlighted the following points: 

  • This year has been a test for the establishments of the AEFE network. They nevertheless managed to overcome this ordeal. There has been extraordinary work on the ground carried out by the teams with the support of the agency to help high schools not to close despite the crisis. 


  • We have had additional budgetary aid of 100 million euros in budget credits, as well as access to cash advances which have made it possible to support all establishments and families in difficulty, whether they are French or not. The network resisted and we even had an increase in accredited establishments. We tried to keep all the families according to the difficulties they encountered.


  • Our main objective is to convince families to stay in the French school system all over the world. Traditionally, those who know French education abroad stay there. It is a teaching of excellence that guarantees their children to have the best of education to then access the best of higher education in France and abroad. 


  • We hope to double the workforce by 2030, but obviously the health crisis forces us to review the pace. What matters is that this objective has led us to rethink many things to put us in a position to support the network in this development. 


  • We have several models that are thriving around the world. There is no reason why, with the increasing demography, France does not have its place. We are a real network that meets many of our expatriates abroad. We must maintain it. It is a network of influence, of “soft power”. There is nothing like reflecting the image of France through its most positive education possible. 

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