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The main points of schooling at LFC

The school project

The school project is a compulsory tool for any school. It defines the general policy of the establishment over a period of 4 years.

The main components of the 2021 - 2025 project are: education / language policy / digital technology / orientation in general and post-baccalaureate in particular / openness to the outside world / living together / security.


The axes of the project were presented to the members of the school council and the school board in 2021.


A diagnosis has been drawn up. The LFC sent questionnaires to teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, and even high school students.


Based on the results of this diagnosis, working groups were created (4 - 5 people per group) to study the various subjects, in particular the points related to the place of French in the school community, the improvement of mastering the language, linguistic paths, support systems, personalized support, digital technology, as well as teacher's training.

The working groups were made up of members of the administration team, a few teachers, a few elected parents and students. They met in March 2021.

Alongside these working groups, other bodies have also met to deal with the subjects of the school project, including the school council, the IT commission, the 2nd degree pedagogical council, the social dialogue commission, the committee for health and safety of the school community CHSCS, the committee for health, safety and working conditions CHSCT, and the school life council CVL.

The first progress report was made during the school council of April 6, 2021 and the school board of April 14; for an adoption of the project by the school council on June 8, and a final adoption by the members of the school board on June 21.

To answer the questions and concerns of teachers, as well as non-teaching staff and elected parents, the principal stressed that this school project is marked by its flexibility. It is therefore an open document, which could be adjusted and amended at any time according to the action plans for each year.

The principal added that working groups could also be created to study the points requiring adjustment.

Parents delegates from secondary

Are you a secondary school delegate, titular or substitute, on the proposal of parenting associations?

If so, you will therefore have a triple role throughout the year that you will have to fulfill in close liaison with the associations:

• Represent and defend the parents of the students in the class with the teachers and during the council,

• Transmit to the coordinator of the association all information on the functioning of the class and the comments of parents or students to make the action more effective,

• In addition, concerning the orientation of a pupil, when there is a discrepancy between the decisions of the class council and the wishes of the families, you will have a role of conciliation. You may also be required to support and accompany parents who wish to engage in an appeal process.


For any further information, please contact us at the following address: and kindly read the following sections.


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