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School transport

The associations having withdrawn since September 2020 from the logistical, financial and legal responsibility of the school transport service, we kindly ask you to directly contact the service provider in charge of the buses for all questions related to school transport.


We also invite you to use the Facebook page dedicated to transport to ask your questions and make your comments concerning this service.

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Prix transport LFC.jpeg

A new service provider has taken charge of the LFC's school transport since September 2020.


We invite you to use the Facebook page dedicated to transport to ask your questions and make your comments about this service.


Here is the list of contacts:


Mr. Karnon Konaté:

+2011 50234096

+2012 12211914

(Mearag site operation)

Miss Asmaa:

+2011 16736080

(Site operation at Maadi - Zamalek - New Cairo)

Mrs. Hagar:

+2011 50650266

+2010 18114692


Mr. Tamer Nasra:

+2012 11119099

(operation all sites)

Mr. Emil Yacoub:

+2012 00747484



During this year, the new service provider continued its sanitary procedures, by carrying out temperature measurements, disinfection and drug tests for the drivers in the various sites of the lycée.

He also renewed his respect for the rules and operating procedures during the health crisis, namely: the compulsory wearing of masks, the measurement of temperatures for the drivers and supervisors, as well as the disinfection of buses and hands.


The transport regulations have also undergone some modifications: red regime (descent only in front of the family home or at the place agreed in advance with the family) and green regime (descent to any place whatsoever, under the full responsibility of the family).

Link to subscribe at the transport service 2022 - 2023 :


Fees 2022 - 2023:
















All payments are done in cash at Mearag site or Maadi site.


The students of exam classes (3e, 1ère et Terminale) can not use the buses during the exam period. 

We ask you to respect the wearing of the masks inside the buses at all times.


It is together that we will succeed in our fight against the Covid - 19. Make your children aware of the instructions !

Prix transport LFC.jpeg
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